Loch Sport is located on the southern shores of Lake Victoria, the eastern side of the Gippsland Lakes. It also has direct access to the Ninety Mile Beach and is surrounded by National and Coastal Parkland. The major attraction of Loch Sport has remained its natural setting. The lake, surf beach and the national park are ideal for many relaxing and sporting pastimes. Loch Sport boasts miles of golden beaches along Lake Victoria.

The perfect holiday venue

Loch Sport marinaThe 90 Mile Surf Beach and the safe waters of Lake Victoria are the perfect venue for water based holiday activities – from toddlers splashing in the shallows of the lake to surf fishing in the ocean. The town has an abundance of wildlife such as Kangaroos, Wallabies, Koala’s, Wombats, Echidnas, Possums and colourful birdlife.

The waters around Loch Sport are ideal for windsurfing, sailing, cruising, water skiing, fishing and even parasailing. The Gippsland Lakes area, of which Loch Sport is a part, enjoys a climate with temperatures cooler in summer and warmer in winter than other parts of Victoria. The fohn effect produces high winter temperatures. For this reason it has been titled Victoria’s Riviera.

Loch Sport is set amongst the beautiful Gippsland Lakes. It is the closest lakes access to Melbourne, being just a three hour drive away.

The provincial city of Sale, with its lovely waterways and excellent shopping facilities is 40 minutes away. Paynesville is approximately 20 minutes by powerboat and Lakes Entrance approximately one hour.

Booming Loch Sport

Aerial view of Loch SportIn terms of building activity and population growth Loch Sport is now one of the fastest growing communities in Victoria.

Much of the town has been transformed and many new facilities include a primary school, boat club, golf course, bowling green, tennis courts, community hall and RSL, only a two minute walk from the caravan park – no need to drive. Further developments such as an upgraded marina, community church, lakeside hotel and bistro, motel with restaurant, takeaway food complex, boat hire and flats and units have also emerged.

Stores dealing in all goods are located throughout the town, from the supermarket and newsagency to a liquor store, bakery, hardware store, craft outlets, community health centre and estate agent.

Loch Sport National Park

A highlight of your trip to Loch Sport would be a visit to the National Park. Spread over more than 2,300 hectares and comprising Sperm Whale Head Peninsula, the park contains a wide representation of coastal vegetation, fauna and birdlife. Point Wilson is a delightful picnic spot and it is common for some of the many kangaroos to eat out of your hand.

Maintained by Parks Victoria, the park is home to mammals such as the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Swamp Wallaby, Hog Deer, Common Wombat. Short-Beaked Echidna, Koala and Common Bushtail Possum. Among the many bird types to be found at the park are the Little Tern – an endangered species. Visitors to the Loch Sport National Park are not likely to run out of things to do. While there are many picnic areas in natural surrounds, the most popular is Point Wilson – site of the original settlers‘ homestead.

Throughout the park there are barbecue facilities and toilets. There is also fresh Loch Sport water funwater and a jetty. For all keen budding fishermen the park offers lake fishing from a boat, the banks or a jetty. You can surf fish from many spots right along the 90 Mile Beach.

In addition to fishing there are excellent, safe swimming sites along the sheltered lake shore. And for the boating enthusiast, areas surrounding the park provide excellent opportunities for boating and water skiing. While there are jetties at Point Wilson and Rottamah Island, there are also sheltered areas around the island which are well suited to canoeing.

Camping and bushwalking are other popular activities well catered for at the park.